NVCL Data Services : Get Log Collection

Error: datasetid is not valid.

getLogCollection service will generate a list of logs collection in xml format. It requires a datasetid as the mandatory URL parameter. The datasetid can be obtained through the getDatasetCollection service.

Usage: getLogCollection.html?parameter1=value&parameter2=value

ParameterDescriptionRequiredExample values
datasetidobtained through calling the getDatasetCollection serviceyes6dd70215-fe38-457c-be42-3b165fd98c7
mosaicsvcvalue=yes or no, if "yes" - indicate if the getLogCollection service generate a list of log ids specifically for the use of Mosaic Service. Default value is 'no' .noyes

Example Queries:

A stadard query for mosaic log ids: getLogCollection.html?datasetid=6dd70215-fe38-457c-be42-3b165fd98c7&mosaicsvc=yes

A stadard query for scalar log ids: getLogCollection.html?datasetid=6dd70215-fe38-457c-be42-3b165fd98c7&mosaicsvc=no